Children’s Day Special

Make Your Kids Children’s Day Special

Children come under the category where some people just love kids and some find them nuisance. Yes it is true they are big responsibility to their parents. After couples have children their remaining life completely revolves around them. The people who could rarely take care of themselves now have the responsibility of a new human being which is reproduced by them.

We try to do a lot of things for our kids we always try to give them the best. Some people have this logic that our dreams will be satisfied by our children. Doing all the hard work just to make our kids life more better. Where somewhere we miss to give them the important thing that they require– Time.

So why not this Children’s Day dp make our children feel special by appending some quality time with them. Here are some of the events that are going to be held in Pune. Check out these events with your kids and make them feel special.

Children’s Day Special

Event: ZaPalooza – Pune’s Grooviest Art, Music and Flea Festival

Organized by: Bigstage Productions

Date & time: Sat, 11 Nov and Sun, 12 Nov; 11:00AM – 10:00PM

Venue: Raga Lawns, Pune

Fee: Rs 200

Event: Adlabs Imagica Theme Park

Organized by: Beyond Enough

Date & time: Starting from Wed, 8 Nov; 10:30AM – 8:00PM

Venue: Adlabs Imagica – Khopoli, Mumbai beyond Thane

Fee: Rs 424 onwards


Event: Lets Doodle, Pune!

Organized by: HobbMob

Date & time: Sat, 11 Nov; 5:30PM – 7:30PM

Venue: Ground Floor, Yashodatta Building, Rege Road, Opp Lakai Lake, Model Colony, Shivajinagar, Pune

Fee: Rs 1000


Event: Diamond Adventure Park

Organized by: Cleartrip Local

Date & time: Starting from Thu, 9 Nov; 9:00AM

Venue: Diamond Adventure Park, Pune

Fee: Rs 650 onwards


Event: Lockout-Prison Break Challenge

Organized by: Cleartrip Local

Date & time: Starting from Thu, 9 Nov; 11:00 AM

Venue: Mystery Rooms – A Real Life Escape Experience, East Pune

Fee: Rs 1800 onwards


Event: Fun Day with Colors & Brushes for Kids

Organized by: Sesame Street Preschool

Date & time: Sat, 11 Nov; 3:00PM – 6:00PM

Venue: Sesame Street Preschool

Fee: Free


So go and explore these places with your kids.

Rowing Machine Workout Diet You Must Follow

No matter what type of workout you have selected, if your plan is to lose few pounds and get back to your desired state, then you have to maintain that flow of diet. Many people think that they can work out every day, and then they can achieve what they are planning for, but it can be foiled if you are not taking care of the diet.

My words may have put you in the trauma but do not worry, and there is no need to panic because you may have to follow the diet plan, but you will be able to have and add your favorite dishes to the menu. Diet does not stand for “Skip meals or not to have your favorite foods.” Diet is all about the amount of food you consume and some specific proteins in it.

Rowing Machine Workout

Rowing Machine Workout Diet You Must Follow?

It’s exciting when your workout is on the Rowing Machine for half hour or so and you can add a playlist of your choice to enjoy your music, and then things will move on very smoothly. Results are what we all expect, but many users do not know the proper way follow a diet that can help them to be in an attractive shape.

Let’s dig into the details,

Amount Of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are also known as Carbs, so don’t get confused over the different names. When you workout for an hour or even half an hour then you will starve eventually, where you try to keep your lips tight and do not even speak of FOOD because of DIET. However, that’s not entirely accurate, and you need energy in your body to survive a whole day in your office. Signs of weakness can have an impact on your professional, which is not acceptable for any organization. You can have carbs foods which will help you to stay energized throughout the day.

Rowing Machine Workout


Milk, yogurt, ice cream, fruit or fruit juice, Bread, rice, crackers, cereal, Beans, plant-based proteins, corn, and potatoes.

You can add any of Fruit, Milk based protein, and Veggies.

Fats (Only Goods Ones)

There are two types of fat “Good, and Bad Fats,” most famous fat is “BAD FAT” because it’s harmful. However, we need healthy fats in our body, and it does not harm our body at all.

When it comes to Good Fat, you need to be able to spot the differences between them, and we will guide you through it.

Healthy Fats: Omega 3 fatty acids

Spinach, Soybeans  (Roasted one), Seafood (Oysters), Canned Fish (Smoked Salmon) and more.

We know that it’s rare for you but you should be able to spot the differences, and you can even identify which one has the OMEGA 3 F.A.


The easiest way to find CARBS and OMEGA 3 F.A foods by Googling it. There are plenty of foods which have these two proteins in it, and you should be able to check that on the back side of wrappers of any edible product. We would like to know if our ideas has worked out for you and you can use the comment box below.


American Motorcyclist Association Declared Qualifiers For ISDE 2017

American Motorcyclist Association Declared Qualifiers For ISDE 2017

Looking at the racing sport events, there are loads of events running across the globe. May it be Dirt Racing, MotoGP, Grand Prix, or others! Lining up the schedule for this season, AMA has recently announced its club teams for 2017 U.S. International Six Days Enduro that is lined up for August 28, 2017 to September 2, 2017 in France.

Teams will compete for three titles, which include Junior Trophy, the U.S. World Trophy, and Women’s Trophy. The riders that are selected have been through tough hard work and dedication through qualifying rounds. Their hard work and skills have led them towards the most prestigious platform of Enduro events.

The club team riders that are qualified were bifurcated in two regional groups in the form of team east and team west.

American Motorcyclist Association Declared Qualifiers For ISDE 2017

U.S. ISDE Club Team East Qualifiers

  • Ty Tremaine
  • Jacob Rowland
  • Brendan Riordan
  • Michael Pillar
  • Alex Witkowski
  • Brian Storrie

U.S. ISDE Club Team West Qualifiers

  • Cody Webb
  • Justin Morgan
  • Anthony Gibbs
  • Devon Bolin
  • Nick Stover
  • Rick Emerson

U.S. ISDE Club Team Three-Day Qualifiers

  • Phillip Anson Maloney
  • Dillon Sheppard
  • Trent Whisenant
  • Van McCarren
  • John Maier
  • Steve Mason

U.S. ISDE Club Team Selected Qualifiers

  • Ryan Powell
  • Nick Obryant
  • Benjamin Kelley

The riders will be segmented into three teams at ISDE and will have to compete in one out of three displacement classes.

E1 class include

  • 100 cc to 125 (two-stroke)
  • 175cc to 250cc (four-stroke)

E1 class include

  • 175cc to 250cc (two-stroke)
  • 290cc to 450cc (four-stroke)

E3 class include

  • 290cc to 500cc (two-stroke)
  • 475cc to 650cc (four-stroke)

The whole event by AMA’s ISDE would have been impossible without the support of various companies such as FMF, Bonanza Plumbing, and Coastal Racing. The riders that are qualified are backed by product sponsors and various manufacturers. The direct team sponsors comprise of Hall’s Cycles, Arai Helmets, Seat Concepts, Motion Pro Trail Jesters, Spectro, Rabaconda, and Elizabeth Scott Community.

The team will also be assisted by the ISDE physician, Dr. James McGee, in case of any medical emergency; and for the fans, there are loads of apparels by ISDE that are on sale.

So to all enthusiasts, show some support and stay tuned for more updates related to the competition.

Karnataka Government Support to Apple

Karnataka Government Guarantees Full Support to Apple

Showing “happiness” over the decision of the U.S. tech giant Apple Inc to commence primary manufacture of ‘iPhone SE’ in the city, the government of Karnataka guaranteed full support to the firm this week.

“I am happy to know that one of the most important technology firms in the world, Apple Inc, has determined to assemble its iPhone SE models in the city of Bengaluru. I pat on the back of the Apple team for their judgment and turning the plan into a reality,” R V Deshpande, State Industries Minister, claimed.

“The iPhone SE model is much admired and is in high demand all over the world. It is a topic of great pleasure that in coming time these phones will be accessible all over the world with a ‘Made in India’ seal,” he claimed to media in one of his statements. Apple Inc had earlier claimed that it is starting first production of a “minute figure” of ‘iPhone SE’ in the city of Bengaluru and initiate shipping to local users this month.

Karnataka Government Support to Apple

Saying that the government of Karnataka has guaranteed complete support for manufacturing facility of Apple in Bengaluru, Deshpande claimed that it is vital to note that there was solid war to get this project among states. “The actuality that Apple selected Karnataka has once more confirmed business friendly environment and investment attractiveness of Karnataka,” he stated.

The government of Karnataka in February had declared proposal of Apple Inc to start primary manufacturing operations in the city of Bengaluru. The phones will be produced by Wistron, a Taiwanese OEM at Peenya in Bengaluru for Apple. The Minister has also showed hope that this move will drive job creation and augment technology as well as innovation ecosystem in Karnataka.

The firm has also declared inauguration of ‘App Accelerator’ in Bengaluru, an enterprise that would offer support to developers of India and allow them transform the performance and design of their apps on its iOS mobile operating system.

For now, the people all over the country are waiting to use those iPhone models having the seal of ‘Made in India’ on them.