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February 24, 2011



That 55 day bollinger band gold bottom calling signal is really powerful.

Mind if I put out a post on it?

Douglas M Dillon, 240-383-6846, aka MontyHigh


Thanks for getting back to me. Like you my S&P shorts are underwater, but I think I'll hold for a while.

I'd be careful about being short SLW. Something quite extraordinary is happening with silver.

I will also take a peek at the 55 bolliinger for gold.

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Sir Monty,
I was looking at this pattern last month after "Egypt Friday" and was thinking THIS IS IT. And I took a loss on my puts. Although, nothing happened immediately, no one chart replicates the past in exact. To me, the short play is still in effect and though no one can ever tell what is gonna happen tomorrow, but what you said about corrections are swift couldn't be more true. It's not a slow moving process.

Typically a company like SLW will put a correction in far more sharper "if" and when the S&P corrects. I currently am shorting SLW and probably should have waited til next week to get even better put prices. I also mentioned a month ago about the 55 day bollinger band and what a great leading indicator it has been throughout the past decade for gold/silver. I strongly suggest you look at what happens whenever it makes contact- a reversal!

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