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June 13, 2010


Richard Lefew

But when???? The juggler's at the Fed & PWGM, Goldman, et al. seem to be successfully keeping all the pieces aloft, including the chain saw they are juggling, otherwise known as gold.

I wonder when the world will wake up and stop exchanging their goods and services for our dollars which represent, not a store of value, but a successful manipulation of the world's financial systems.

The other exporting nations of the world trade their hard products, like cars and raw materials in exchange for our currency, which represents nothing more than a wealth of complicated financial derivatives insurance and & bank scams. It's not like we export much anymore (except for the few industrial/manufacturing jobs are left).

We're going to one day soon find that our country has been hollowed out, sold out, and invaded by those people who can't make it in their own societies, ie. other countries domestically unemployable become our labor class.

I suppose if the Government can eternally increase, or maintain the value of our dollar in comparison to other countries currency, perhaps we can continue on this course.

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