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November 20, 2009



Aberdeen International has to be one of the best gold plays out there - you get a basked of common stocks and warrants in Avion, Crocodile and Sulliden Gold - plus a 1% NSR on the Simmmer & Jack mines.


Hi Monty,

I appreciate your post since it make me discover both Goro and DMM. I`ve also had CSG which I just sold aftter the take over offer anouncement. Meaning that sometime being pateint is paying off. I also like your graph posting so I don`t have to do all this research by myself but got a good summary from you.

Some stock I would appreciate your view on:

Gold Wheaton, recent runup (I almost double) but I think still attractive if they can diversify more their gold stream toward a third producer.

FIU (First Uranium, discovered via my investment in Gold Wheaton) that seems to be ready for a turn around story, consistantly miss guidance but now at around 2-2.50 I really think it is very undervalued. They produce both gold and are soon starting uranium production. Financial risk but hey, now they are near their year low and not very far from their all time low of last year panic time. Also, Gold Wheaton has the mean to help them more if necessary.

Lastly, Orko silver, excellent story and value play, I got in at 0.77 and bought more at .58, now trading at 1.10+ but since AG seems to be doing even better than gold, I like this one for the value. It is worth at least 2$ without any discovery upside. Maybe even 4$ if AG stay at the price of today.

Best regards,

Melrune(by the way I`m also an engineer working for a S/W company, well I`m in telecom SW as product manager and I invest with a similar philosophy as you).

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