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September 12, 2009


Independent Voter Joliet

This was almost the fairest report I heard although you should have a camera on your cell phone.. for all the questions about the type of people they were from every walk of life.. stay at home mom's, professionals, small businesses men/women, college kids, Black, White, Hispanic and every nationality, from CA to DC some joining following the buses in their own vehicles caravan style picking them up as they traveled thought states.. I had the honor of attending the Bus that traveled from CA when it stopped in IL at New Lenox they were expecting a few hundred or thousand and there were actually 10,000 that showed up in the little town from all over IL.. it was AWESOME..and while the mainstream media is FAILING not only their audiences but the their own profession by not covering this movement..I talked to Democrats (fact is I went to the rally with Democrats who voted for Obama), Independents and Republicans.. While the White House continues to make fun of these people trying to marginalize them this only makes them look more lame and MORE people join in speaking out.. Yes it is people like Beck who ENCOURAGES the speaking out, most people have forgot they are allowed to do so but are finding a new freedom they haven't experienced since they told us we all have to be PC..

Ralph Smith

Monty I appreciate your objectivity and candor and agree with you in most respects. However your crowd estimates are somewhat off. My guess would be around 200-250K. There were people coming and leaving all day and many on the side roads. I've been to many major sporting event and your 100,000 people is less than a Michigan home football game, and I would guess there were at least twice that amount.

Naruralized Citizen

I was there with camera and did take shot towards the Capital and turned around and took some towards the Washington Monument. While I did not walk all the way down the mall, I did see people as far as could be seen on the ENTIRE Mall. Definitely more than just "tens of thousands". I also personally saw hundreds of great handmade signs, including only ONE where Obama has a Hitler mustache. Guess which sign gets shown in the media?


Obama had 1.6m at his inauguration... this event had 50k TOPS. Nice try but no cigar. 450 busloads of rightwingers don't equal no movement. Just more Fox News made- for -tv politics. Last November was the REAL REVOLUTION.

Elvan Poots

Thanks for the eyewitness report - interesting that most of the folks there were just in general "mad as hell" mode, and not so much motivated by the health care thing specifically (as suggested by the MSM).

What would you think were the kind of folks there? White collar, blue collar, to much of a mix to really tell? How about the parts of the country they were from - was it generally just "day trip" distances, or were they coming from all over?
Lefties have been trying to paint the attendees as being racist (of course), did you see anything like that in evidence?


Ok, now I get it. John Galt means you are an admirer of Ayn Rand. Its amazing how often her admirers have no class or generousity. The Ayn Rand admirer approach of hitting people instead of talking to them honestly and patiently is a real turn-off. Do you guys hit each other that way when you get together? Yikes!


I kind of resent you accusing me of lying. I've got no big political axe to grind. Yes I was there. Why didn't I bring a camera? Well, because I didn't really want to go and decided at the last minute so I could hang with a friend and tore myself away from playing with my 8-year old son and didn't make any preparations. Its no big deal to jump on the subway and see what's going on down town.

UPDATE: I'm removing all crowd size estimates from this post because the photos I saw on TV after coming home were clearly larger than what I could see on the ground on location when I left around 12:30PM. I expect that the crowd continued to grow after I left and I probably didn't see the entire size of the crowd that was present when I left. My earlier estimates were wrong.

John Galt

You want us to believe that you were at this rally but neglected to bring a camera? You claim to have been at this rally and claim that there were 15k to 50k in attendance? You were not at this rally. I was at the rally. I have pictures. There were HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE THERE!

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