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April 11, 2009




I have several important questions for you:

1. Do you believe that gold stocks will tank in May this year? by that i mean that you must sell all your gold stocks because the gold price in May, June, July and August will decline immense?

2. I hear everywhere that when inflation kicks in gold stocks will be worthless because the capital cost of gold mining will be huge and therefore the profits of these gold miners will be minimal.

3. They say that there is now deflation, accroding to Jay Taylor gold stocks do extremely well in a deflationary environment. When will this deflationary influence end in the gold stock market.

4. Is it smart to sell your gold stocks end of April and buy back these same gold stocks in May, June, July and August because prices of these stocks will be low and cheap again.

Beneath i have some gold stocks of which i am thinking to take also a position, i hope you can advice which stocks you think are worth taking a position in.

1. Pediment Exploration, PEZ
2. Castle Gold, CSG
3. Alexis Minerals, AMC
4. Allied Nevada Gold, ANV
5. Starcore International Mines, SAM
6. Romarco Minerals, R
7. Hawthorne Gold, HGC
8. Sangold, SGR
9. New Guinea Gold, NGG
10. AuEx Ventures, XAU
11. Animas Resources, ANI
12. Vista Gold, VGZ
13. Wesdome Gold, WDO
14. Eastmain resources, ER
15. Clifton Star, CFO
16. Canplats, CPQ
17. Premier Gold, PG
18. Rubicon Minerals, RMX
19. Andean Resources, AND
20. Lydian International, LYD
21. PDX Resources, PLG

I want to thank you in advance.

I sincerely would like your opinions.

Best of luck Ruud

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