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February 01, 2009


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im trying to figure a cost for buying the ore from the miners per once in Nicaragua... I've heard that they sell unrefined ore by the ounce for around $520.00 and of course it's not pure, the assay is around 66% of the metal, the other was said to be copper and silver.
What should one expect to pay for the ora per ounce? these days. with the market being what is is today. going up and down then up and down... its very hard to understand why the ore from Nicaragua is not at a fixed price well below 500 per ounce. Which i think it should be.


Have been following TA screens on selected issues, and from what I can tell MFN is going to be the TECHNICAL PICK I have from amongst the Open Pit Miners. I like IAG also, but havent determined what its level of Open Pit Operations are. To also add to that, I have another stock or two, that have operations in Equador, which is a big piece of IAG's operations.




been following the glee,CSM for some 3 years now.50 million $ write off for a bellavista slip and slide cost Kerry Knoll his title as the best heap leacher in Canada Costa Rica google him and building in the rain ouch, Peter Tagliamonte junta worked too well and it had to be done twice to get all his guys in. I just hope BTO is taking care of business.

If you like risk big rewards take a look at Russo Peter Hambro has the ear of Hugo and the investors will not kry all the way to the bank...

out of africa have a look see of Avion yes its more of the same Bharti but who wouldn't want A Beer Den in there house or is that Aberdeen

auy pumped by the Cramer sell sell sell or is that why gold because the dollar is in deep doo the big question is which is to run out of first ink or paper yes they will print that much the mint here in cowtown is printing 24 hours a day and not the fives either

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