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February 24, 2008



I'm not an expert, but I think that the permits will come in and that the stock will hop when they do. I believe that having the local community on your side is the critical item for getting the permits and that the road permit is a good indicator of the other two coming in. The mill and tailings pond is the tougher of the two remaining permits (FYI, this is what is holding up Crowflight in Canada). The mill and the tailings pond is where the toxic chemicals are involved. The open pit permit doesn't affect anything other than the appearence of the landscape (in my understanding).



I've visited your blog several times over the past six months or so--very thorough analysis!! Metal stocks are outside my circle of competence, though, so I've always been reluctant to pick them up.. but this fat pitch seems extra delicious.

"The third permit, for the open pit mine itself follows."
Could you elaborate on the likelihood of securing this third permit?

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